What do we do?

Through a network of active current students and alumni we try to inspire TU Delft aspirants, keep the indian community informed at all times, connect peers/alumni/students to build a holistic growing environment, we enable the indian community to be prepared for the future in the Netherlands.



We Inspire

Through the network of current students and alumni we try to inspire Indian TU Delft aspirants towards a career and life in the Netherlands.



We Inform

We inform students about each step of their journey to TU Delft.

We try to bridge the communication gap between the students, TU Delft, and the Indian Embassy.




We Connect

We connect students with their peers, incoming students with their seniors.

We connect and collaborate with other student bodies like other ISAs, and international student associations around the Netherlands.


We connect students to other organizations of different interests like NGOs (Humane Warriors), as well to companies concerning their career growth.

We connect the international community to the vibrant Indian culture.



We Enable

We enable students through skill building workshops.

We enable small businesses like caterers, grocery stores and increase their market space with students.

We enable small companies by connecting them to students for thesis and graduation opportunities.