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BOARD OF 2019-20

Meet the face
behind the posts

Hailing from the then princely state of Mysuru, Vivek has worked for over 7 years in Tata Consulting Engineers Ltd, Mumbai, and Creative Automation, Bengaluru. Vivek is the adventure junkie of the board. Once he had gone out for cycling and then he reached Belgium. While he is not traveling and going out for new adventures, Vivek studies MSc. Transport, Infrastructure, and Logistics.

Vivek intends to bring his wisdom, zeal for adventure and corporate experience to the board of ISA. Together with the board, he expects to make Delft more welcoming to the Indian community and expose the student community at large about India.

Fun fact: Vivek is on a mission to travel the world as much as he can. His current streak is 15 countries and 22 states in India.

Favorite Quote: "Miles to go before I Sleep"

Vivek 2.jpg

Vivek Chandrasekhar, President

Nithin is dubbed as the Superman of the ISA Board 2019-2020. From the internal affairs of the board to the internal affairs of our lives, Nithin is always updated. Nithin fits into the stereotype of being a Malayalee but raised in the "GELF". Having completed his B.Engg Mechanical Engineering from College of Engineering, Guindy, Nithin went on to have stints at Nael General Contracting Co. At Delft, Nithin is pursuing his M.Sc. in Sustainable Engineering Technology at the EECMS faculty at Delft.

With his obsessiveness for planning and organizing, Nithin is set to serve as the Internal Affairs Coordinator for the ISA Board 2019-2020. Nithin makes sure that the board is on track for fulfilling its goals on time and deals with other stakeholders who have an influence in the productivity of the board members. For his deep-seated interests in hands-on experience and research, Nithin has completed an internship at a startup called ReNew Power in Gurgaon and in Zero Emission Fuels B.V in NL. Other than academics, Nithin is our Sir Memes-a-lot, enjoys reading, playing Counter-Strike, DoTA 2, Age of Empires (only builds trebuchets), and listening/watching offbeat music/movies. He used to play defender for SEVIL FC and has gone on to try his hand at everything and anything.

Fun Fact: Nithin makes amazing pots of sambhar rice and chai!

Favorite Quote:  “Don't let your dreams, be memes” - Nithin Jacob

Nithin 2.jpg

Nithin Jacob, Internal Affairs

Abrar comes from Bangalore and completed his B.Tech in Aerospace Engineering from Jain University. He went on to work in ISRO for a year before deciding to pursue M.Sc Management of Technology at TU Delft. During his Bachelor’s, Abrar went to found “Hegan” which focused on conducting aeromodelling workshops in renowned schools in Bangalore and Mysore. He also served as a creative partner in Khanate studioline.

As the General Secretary of ISA Board ‘19 - ‘20, Abrar wishes to apply what he has learned from his experience of working with NGOs to make Indian students' life in Delft more fruitful. He makes sure that ISA Delft has enough money to pull off events for its students. During his leisure time, Abrar loves to weight train and was involved in powerlifting in the past. Now he has discovered a newfound fascination with Formula 1 racing.

Fun fact: Abrar is well experienced in volunteering which can be noted from his works with The United Foundation for over 9 years now.

Favorite quote: “A setback is a setup for a comeback”

Abrar 2.jpg

Abrar Khan, General Secretary

Representing the B.Sc. Aerospace at ISA Delft, Gopal Kandiyoor is the homegrown Indian in the Netherlands. Not to be fooled with that 20-year-old face, Gopal brings his mature way of talking to the point and the dutch way of working to the board of ISA. Serving as the External Affairs Coordinator, Gopal intends to help ISA to maneuver through the Dutch ecosystem and make ISA’s presence felt more within this ecosystem through partnerships and collaborations.

While he is not studying, he can be spotted at Coffee Star or making beef curry. The man also has a deep-seated interest in rockets and works at the DARE dream team as a Recovery Engineer.  Gopal also loves to play cricket and hockey in the sports field and doesn’t mind the occasional football with TUD India FC.

Fun fact: Gopal jokes that you can change the color of the passport but the Indian in you never changes.

Favorite Quote: “Sure, let’s see”

Gopal 2.jpg

Gopal Kandiyoor, External Affairs

Sreeja is the girl power within the ISA Board and with her statements, she makes up for the lesser diversity on the board. Sreeja is not your normal Mumbaikar. She is a strong Malayalee force at heart. Enjoying beef with parotta is in her genes as much as a Malayalee from Kerala. Sreeja still stays true to Mumbai and claimed her degree in Civil Engineering from Veermata Jijabai Technological Institute (VJTI). Having worked at  Larsen and Toubro for 3 years, she was looking forward to a change and she found it within MSc Construction Management and Engineering at the Civil Engineering and Geosciences at Delft.

Sreeja intends to get her fresh perspective on improving the cultural event done by ISA.  She expects to translate her immense love and passion for dancing within the activities of the board. By dancing, we mean she is a pro, Sreeja has had 10 years of training in Bharatnatyam and she is a part of two dance crews at Delft. Her zeal and creativity are expected to break the stereotype for mainstream cultural activities. Apart from being her normal self, she is always up for a chai-llenge as she claims to make one of the best chai you will have.

Fun fact: Sreeja’s photo had crossed the most number of likes on ISA’s Instagram page under #artistsofDiya.

Favorite quote: "Laugh Your Troubles Away"

Sreeja 1.jpg

Sreeja Raghunathan, Cultural Events

After his Bachelor in Architecture from Mumbai University, Siddharth went on to work for a while as an Architect back in India. At the moment, Siddharth aims to bring the essence of Indian culture to Delft and its international community by organizing cultural events throughout the year. Siddharth is immensely talented in handling digital content as well as some areas of his expertise are film making and 3D visualization.

Apart from traveling and chilling with his close friends. Siddharth is also known for his gaming skills in Counter-Strike as the alias “Killerknox” which he plays before and after working on something, hence he has a lot of practice.

Fun fact: Siddharth is the one-man army who is responsible for ISA Delft’s amazing videos and the board’s addiction to Pan masala.

Favorite quote: “And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”-- Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist

Siddharth 2.jpg

Siddharth Jain, Cultural Events

Hailing from the capital of New Delhi, Kshitij is an M.Sc Environmental Engineering candidate in his 2nd year at TU Delft.

With an aim to make the lives of his peers at TU Delft, Kshitij has devoted his time and energy by volunteering in the Master Case Day committee, being a part of the Water & Environment Dispuut and a part of the Engineers Without Borders in the Netherlands. As the professional coordinator of ISA Delft, Kshitij strives to make sure that his peers are up to date with the industry requirements and standards by aiding in thesis templates, CV checks, etc

Fun fact: Kshitij makes and edits comics in his spare time.

Favorite quote: "But who prays for Satan? Who in eighteen centuries, has had the common humanity to pray for the one sinner that needed it most?" - Mark Twain

Kshitij 1.jpg

Kshitij Chowdhary, Professional Events

Adithya is one of the most enthusiastic people we have on the board fueled with many creative ideas for events and always in the lookout on how to serve the Indian community better in Delft professionally and otherwise. Although Adithya hails from Chennai, he is always a Mumbaikar at heart. After completing B.Tech in Civil Engineering from SRM Kattankulathur, he went on to work in Larsen & Toubro for a short term and decided to pursue Construction Management and Engineering.

On most days he enjoys reading non-fiction and watching documentaries; on other days he loves sleeping for a day long. Although, being formally educated as a civil engineer, his interest expands towards arts, economics, psychology, and management science.

He has a fond interest in spoken word and is a vicarious reader. In his spare time, you can find him preparing for a marathon or obsessing over the Age of Empires or listening to his podcasts. Apart from listening to bizarre indie artists, Adithya enjoys carrying out research and working on multidisciplinary projects with his past stints working at  ECN.TNO and Royal HaskoningDHV.

Fun fact: Adithya used to be a runner and used to compete in full/half marathons.

Favorite quote: "Hard Work increases the probability of success."

Adithya 2.jpg

Adithya Eswaran, Professional Events

A native of God’s own country, Kerala, Gary is one of the most creative and versatile individuals within the ISA Board.  He earned his Bachelor of Architecture from School of Architecture and Planning, Govt. Engineering College Thrissur, Kerala and interestingly became an assistant professor there, while he was also handling live architectural design projects. He has been a part of Sangath and Stapati Architects, two of the most celebrated design practices in the country. At TU Delft, Gary is pursuing his MSc in Architecture, Urbanism and Building Sciences in the Landscape Architecture Track.  You can see his eye for design and perspective from the ISA posters, photos, and scaled models.

Other than handling ISA Delft’s digital platforms and designing for our events, he is also the Secretary of POLIS, the study association of Urbanism and Landscape Architecture in TU Delft. Gary has a keen eye for detail which is shown through his interests in sketching and photography during his many travels. Except for time spent on his creative escapades, Gary makes amazing beef fry and chai and likes to spend time on the sports field. In football, he plays as an attacking forward and is dubbed as the “Benzema” of TUD India FC. He is a good badminton player as well, with some notable championship victories in his past life.

Fun fact: Gary had locked up his grumpy vice principal in her room by “accident”.

Favorite quote: "The only person you are destined to become is who you decide to be” -- Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Gary 2.jpg

Gary Gilson, Digital Communications

Sai is one of the three College of Engineering, Guindy alumni within the ISA Board ‘19 - ‘20. After completing his B.Engg in Civil Engineering in 2015, he went on to work as a site engineer for Niharika Projects, Hyderabad. He completed his M.Sc in Construction Management and Engineering in TU Delft in 2018 and now currently works for Huisman B.V as a Project Planner. Although he was born in Nellore, Sai was brought up in Maharashtra and did his Bachelors's in Chennai. So, you can say he is the best of 3 states.

Sai is very enthusiastic and open to his juniors by helping individuals with decisions in professional careers through analysis and reflection. Apt to his enthusiasm. He is currently volunteering as an alumni advisor to the ISA Board ‘19 - ‘20. On an informal note, he is one heck of a cricket bowler which was displayed in ISA Cricket tournament.

Fun fact: Sai's egg curry is guaranteed to be one of the best you will ever taste.

Favorite quote: “Power is the ability to do good things for others” - Brooke Astor

Sai 1.jpg

Sai Pranay Mukkala, Alumni Advisor

After completing his B.Engg Mechanical Engineering from the esteemed College of Engineering Guindy is 2014. Avin went on to work as an Engineer in VA Tech Wabag for 2 years before deciding to join TU Delft to study M.Sc Management of Technology. As one of the alumni advisors at ISA Delft, he aims to apply and help the current students at TU Delft using various strategies, tools, tips and tricks he has acquired from working in various sectors, companies and institutions such as Royal Philips, Royal HaskoningDHV, 3M, TataSteel and Gall and Gall in the Netherlands.

Currently, Avin works as a procurement engineer leading the Excellence program for the €1.4 billion revenue Male Grooming product portfolio with a focus on Design for eXcellence (DfX), strategy execution, and data analytics for management decision making. In his spare time, you can find him powerlifting in the gym, cooking his famous biryani, or just networking with like-minded people.

Fun fact: During his Bachelor’s. Avin has gone on to co-author 3 research publications. Totaling his research publications to 4 to date including his M.Sc thesis.

Favorite quote: “I'm going to do today what other people aren't willing to do so I could do tomorrow what other people can't.”

Avin 2.jpg

Avin Shanbhag, Alumni Advisor

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