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BOARD OF 2020-21

Meet the face
behind the posts

Kiran never rejects a chance to take on new responsibilities or challenges that test his grit. Kiran is very much inspired by futurist Dr Patrick Dixon’s quote which exclaims, “The key to understanding the future is one word: Sustainability.” He believes that "climate change" is for real, and a change is required to protect the environment.

Kiran is currently pursuing MSc in Management of Technology at TU Delft and is passionate about developing a career as a Supply Chain Analyst. Kiran's love for data analysis comes from his sheer passion and absolute love for deriving insights through data, which he feels is a religion to him. Kiran’s other interests include Music, Photography, and Food


Kiran Gopalakrishnan, President

Hailing from God's own country, Kerala, Jitin is pursuing his master’s in Management of Technology. Being born and brought up in Saudi Arabia he has his fascination with hummus like any gulf boy. He is responsible for bringing together coordination for the professional and cultural events, chasing deadlines, and POC for the President about events. Although, we wonder if he is in the wrong profession. Food is his passion and first love. He tries to balance out the food he eats by spending time at the gym. He's your guy if you need food, annoy people with deadlines, or spot you during your bench press. If you ever need people to play (any kind of sports) he’s always up for it.


Jitin Gopakumar, Program Manager

Harshitha hails from Bangalore and she has always wanted to study in Europe, TU Delft being her first choice. She feels that moving to a new country for academics is an exciting experience that comes with a lot of changes. Her major reason to join ISA was the helpful guidance she received from the organization previously. She studies Life Sciences and Technology at the Applied Science Faculty.


Harshitha Indudhar Hanji, Internal Affairs

Anshita did her bachelor’s in Computer Science & Engineering from VIT University and worked for 3.5 years after that. She is currently  doing her Master's in Management of Technology. Her hobbies include making memes and puns, doodling, sketching, and biking. She loves to travel, cook, and make cute cards for everyone. She works towards getting  sponsorships for ISA and maintains cordial relations with other associations and sponsors as well. 

A couple of fun facts about Anshita are that she has her own meme page and has finished 100kms with a second-hand bike.


Anshita Purwar, External Affairs

Shachi comes from Pune and is pursuing her Master's in Chemical Engineering. Staying true to her Puneri blood, she is excited about everything cultural. As the cultural events manager, she would like to spread the same excitement and warmth amongst the Indian student community in Delft.

Most of the time, you will find her in her room painting with punk rock blasting in the background. She also loves to dance and is trained in Bharatanatyam. When she is not cooped up in her room, she loves to travel and try out new food.


Shachi Shanbhag, Cultural Events

Mahesh is currently pursuing a Master's in Sustainable Energy Technology specializing in Solar Energy. At ISA, he is responsible for professional events that cater to both students and alumni. He desires to help students build the necessary skills and connections that would bolster their career opportunities in the Netherlands.

When not working, his main joys in life are cooking and singing. Besides his main hobbies, he's also "an avid traveller". He once went for a walk in the City Centre of Delft and got lost for two hours. So if you feel that you're lost, and you find him nearby, make sure you ask someone else, because he'll probably be as lost as you. That said, Mahesh is always up for chai and hanging out, but always indoors (for obvious reasons).


Mahesh Jayan, Professional Events

Deeksha holds a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Design from MIT Institute of Design, Pune and is currently pursuing her Master’s in Strategic Product Design from TU Delft. She uses her sketching and graphic design skills to create content for the social media platforms of ISA. Her immense love for board games inspired her to actually develop one herself. She is an avid reader of crime fiction books and a die hard Bollywood fan.


Deekha Ramchandani, Digital Content

Siddhy did her bachelor’s in Bangalore but spent her entire school years studying in Muscat. Home is somewhere between shawarmas and sukha puri. Currently, in her second year at TU Delft, she is studying MSc. in Electrical Engineering. She likes tasting different types of cuisines but recently has started cooking. (She learned how to make Maggi in the third year of undergrad, to be honest.)


Siddhy Ganesh Shetty, Online Marketing

After obtaining her master’s degree at TU Delft in Urbanism, with a specialism in smart cities and urban metabolism, Devika started to work as a consultant and project manager at Royal HaskoningDHV in 2016. She has worked for different multinationals and governments in The Netherlands and abroad. Currently, she works as a Product Manager focusing on the development of digital products to maximize business value for Royal HaskoningDHV.   She likes travelling, Indian dance arts, cooking and spending time with family and friends. In her role as an alumni advisor, she shares her professional experience with the ISA board and helps to further enable the board members in making an impact on Indian students and the alumni community.

The young grandfather of the team brings with him the "been there, done that, but we can still do more" attitude. From delivering critical advice to cracking the poorest of jokes, Soumik does it all. 

MSc. Construction Management and Engineering

Current Company - Huisman Equipment


Devika Parbhoesingh, Alumni Advisor


Soumik Guha, Alumni Advisor

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